Can Alphabiotics Help ____???

This is a common question. Most doctors/therapists want to know what the problem is in order to decide whether they will be able to treat it.

 Alphabiotics is different.

Alphabioticists are NOT doctors. We do not heal, treat, cure anyone of anything. Neither do we deal with symptoms, but rather with Cause Correction. The Alphabiotic belief is that when we release the root cause of our problems (our inappropriate pervasive stress state), the body can begin to heal itself. Symptoms resolve on their own as our systems come back into alignment with Life and Health.

It is impossible to predict specifically how a person will heal because each individual is unique. Healing can be gradual or dynamic, and can occur on ALL levels – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Moving from a symptomatic to a cause correction mindset can be challenging initially. It seems contrary to everything we know about "modern medicine". Can the answer really be this simple?

When the solution is simple, God is answering. -Albert Einstein

 The following flowchart may help to clarify the process.

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