With the help of Alphabiotics, I have seen improvements in:

Back Pain, RLS, headaches, knee pain, carpal tunnel -Stacy  ~  Insomnia, mind chatter, emotional balance -Mary  ~  Sciatica, flexibility, stressful dreams -Judy  ~  Movement, sleep, walking, breathing -Brian  ~  Energy levels, brain functions, IBS -Sally  ~  Strength -Lou  ~  Back pain. sleeping, weight -Dave  ~  Stamina, balance, endurance, sleep -John  

“Six miles of walking today. I used to feel tired after half that distance. No soreness, no aches – thanks to you. I'm still having difficulty accepting this for real.”  John C.

“What I noticed most about Alphabiotics during my pregnancy was the issues and symptoms that I did not have. I had very little back pain during pregnancy and none during labor. If I were to get pregnant again I would continue with Alphabiotics.  I was able to work 12 hour shifts right up to my due date and gave birth to a healthy baby boy of 8lb 15oz.”  Erin R.

“I sure don’t miss the migraines!”  Lisa S.

“I feel stronger and more centered. The world appears to be a more beautiful place and everything seems to be more in focus, more alive. My approach to my family and life is much more even tempered.  Difficult situations are more easily handled.  Subsequent visits continue to reinforce the strength and vitality I now enjoy.”  Nancy H.

“My back was so bad that I couldn’t bend over, I couldn’t stand. With Alphabiotics, I have never been in so little pain. Thank you for giving me a REAL chance at a wonderful life!”  Stacy T.

And more to come...

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