Initial Alphabiotic Consultation

Here is what you should know for your initial consultation.

Clothing: comfortable/ casual. Whatever you normally wear is fine. You will be asked to remove your shoes in order to keep the table clean. The rest of your clothes remain on.

Time: The initial consultation takes about an hour. This is your opportunity to learn more about Alphabiotics, ask questions, and decide whether this process is right for you.

Cost: The initial consultation is $95. Should you decide to move forward with Alphabiotics, this fee includes your Association Membership and first Integration session. Subsequent appointments are $65. (Cost-effective packages are also available if appropriate.) At this time, cash, check, or money order is acceptable.

Follow up: Keep in mind, your first Alignment is a test. You will be asked to set a follow up appointment 48 - 72 hours later to confirm whether the Alignment process may benefit you. This follow up is IMPORTANT, so make sure you can be available within that time frame.

Although the initial consultation is quite thorough, you may also call or email with any questions prior to your appointment.

We look forward to meeting you!

A proud member of Alphabiotics International