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But what is quackery? It is commonly an attempt to cure the diseases of a man by addressing his body alone. - Henry David Thoreau

When we speak of healing, it is in terms of making something whole. In fact the two words have the same origin. It is the same basis for what we call holistic today in terms of dealing with wholes or integrated systems rather than separate and disparate parts.

Doesn't it make sense then that healing should involve all aspects of an individual? This true healing should include the tangible and intangible, the physical and the ephemeral. Oddly, thought, the medical profession has claimed this word for the work that they do. Doctors claim to heal people as part of their practice. (Personally, rather than being part of a practice, I'd prefer the services of someone who has gotten it right.) This healing is specifically focused on the physical. Manipulations and medications are applied to relieve physical issues, illnesses, and pain. It is actually ironic that the word healing is used in this narrow a concept. It could not be more contrary to its original intent. It is certainly the exception rather than the rule that doctors consider anything outside the strictly physical. This is one of the reasons they often cannot see the forest for the trees.

A more holistic healing approach (is that redundant?) would be to take a step back to examine a situation from all perspectives. Perhaps there is a psychological or emotional reason for the physical symptoms. Anger, fear, and remorse are just a few of the emotions that have been shown to have significant physical repercussions associated with them. No matter how much the physical is fussed-over, it is only when the underlying emotional cause is addressed and resolved, that true healing begins. The same situation exists for issues of the spirit, yet this is an area most definitively avoided by medical practitioners.

When Alphabioticists speak of healing, it is with respect to the original intent of the word. The work that we do facilitates a means for people to come back into alignment with their whole selves. A state of integrated Mind, Body, and Spirit with the Universal Source of Life energy is the true approach to an individual actually healing from the inside out.  So then why do Alphabioticists emphatically deny that we heal, treat, or cure people? Why is Alphabiotics not considered a "healing art"?

Alphabioticists believe that the only person who can heal you is you. Healing must come from 'the top down, and the inside out'. Each individual's path to healing is different because the events and issues that created the situation are totally unique to that person. Some people heal physically first, others emotionally. Each in their own way and in their own time. Each integrated part building to benefit the whole. By helping people to release their inappropriate stress states, we facilitate them being in the optimum situation to allow healing to begin. We do NOT, however, heal them. We give no direction in terms of what should be addressed first or how. We do not presume to know better that an individual's own innate Wisdom. Once the person releases stress and begins to heal, the Alphabioticist simply steps aside and lets the Power that created the body heal the body.

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