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Innate Wisdom

We only understand that which is already within us. - Henri Amiel

In Alphabiotics we talk about reconnecting with the source of our innate power and wisdom. We realize that as facilitators, we do not heal other people. Rather they heal themselves in the way that only they know to be best. So how do we know to heal ourselves, and why shouldn't we heal others?

Each cell in our body is imbued with vital life force energy that allows it to operate both as a cell, and in cooperation with other cells and systems in order for the body to function as a whole. The cell itself takes in nutrients, processes waste, and responds to environmental stimuli. In addition as part of the larger picture, muscle cells work together to create movement, bone cells work together to form structure, blood cells work together for circulation, etc. It sounds simple, but each process is incredibly complex and yet functions completely autonomously without any conscious input. This is truly a blessing. Otherwise we would have to spend our days reminding our hearts to pump, our stomachs to digest, our kidneys to filter, and all of the other infinite number of processes that we take for granted as simply a part of living.

Thankfully, the innate wisdom of our bodies, the knowledge and direction that was with us even before birth, has systematically allowed us to grow into the individuals we are today. Each amazingly intricate and completely unique, each with our own specific "blueprint". Our cells and systems keep us true to our own personal design. So what happens when we lose touch with this innate power and wisdom?

Some say that cancer is a perfect example of cells that have gone "out of control" or "lost their mind". True, cancer cells are still cells. They are part of our bodies, but they are no longer part of the greater functioning of the bodily systems. They have "lost touch" with the natural innate design of the individual. If we look at this disconnect, is it any wonder that the rate of cancer has risen alarmingly over the last few decades. With the increase in genetically modified and highly processed foods, electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones and other electronics, lack of natural sunlight, and polluted air and water, we have lost touch with Nature. In this loss of connection, it is not only the natural world of which we speak, but also our own internal nature. The way we were designed to live and grow and flourish. Not one of us was evolutionarily designed to spend the majority of our time indoors under fluorescent lights staring at a computer screen. Yet that is exactly how a significant portion of the American population lives.

Having moved away from nature as well as our own true Nature, it should not be at all surprising that our bodies, minds, and spirits no longer function properly. Degenerative diseases run rampant and psychological issues are more common than ever. It used to be an accepted, unfortunate circumstance that the elderly were easily confused and overwhelmed. They also had trouble with their short-term memory. These days, such challenges are no longer age related. People of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds complain of similar maladies that only a generation ago would have been reserved for the "old and infirm". These maladies have, in fact, become so common as to be considered "the norm" by the general populace. However, they are only "the norm" of a contrived environment.  

Our Natural state is one of health, regeneration, and growth, and yet through our own intervention, we have unintentionally moved away from this optimal state. This is why Alphabioticists do not treat symptoms. We cannot know a persons individual "blueprint", and only the greatest audacity would attempt to direct and integrate the myriad systems that comprise the whole individual. The less the external intervention, the more the system can regain equilibrium on its own. By stepping aside and allowing the wisdom that created the body to heal the body, we acknowledge each individual's unique brilliance!

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