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Alphabiotics Theory

Perhaps the easiest way to understand the concept behind Alphabiotics is through an analogy based on something we have all experienced.

Imagine you are having a horrible nightmare. It's dark. Evil things are chasing you. You're in a panic, running as fast as you can, but realizing that they are gaining on you, and you have nowhere to go! You feel like shouting, but can't catch your breath. You would fight these things, but you don't know how....

Then the alarm clock chimes...

You wake up. The sun is shining. The room is quiet. You are safe. Even though you can still remember some of the images, you realize it was all just a terrible dream. It wasn't real. You relax, and take a deep sigh of relief.

Alphabiotics is like that alarm clock

As Alphabioticists, we do not heal treat or cure anybody of anything. We simply help people to wake up from the overwhelming nightmare of stress. When this happens, you can relax, begin to heal, and enjoy a better quality of Life.

Wake up! It's a beautiful morning!

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