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Therapists as a rule are caring individuals whose motivation is to help people. Similar to nurses, they see someone ailing, and want to help that person to get better. Therapists are generally the ones who do the work after the doctors take the credit. Both professionals, however, should heed the words of Carl Jung. "The doctor should not strive to heal at all costs. One has to be exceedingly careful not to impose one's own will and conviction on the patient... sometimes it is really a question whether you are allowed to rescue a man from the fate he must undergo for the sake of his further development."

In this way, therapists face the same challenges as doctors. Are they treating the condition or the patient? It brings up the age old question, "which came first"?  Focusing on the symptoms of a particular problem can create a myopic perspective where the individual's unique needs as a whole person become secondary. Therapists risk imposing their own values and standards in an effort to bring each patient into compliance with "the norm". As Jung said, sometimes these challenges may be necessary for the growth of the individual. This bigger picture perspective may not be obvious from an outside perspective. It might not even be conscious for the person it affects. By imposing outside standards, however, it is possible to inadvertently do the patient a disservice by denying the greater plan at work.

For this reason, Alphabioticists are not therapists. We do not heal, treat, cure, or diagnose. We do not look to aid people in getting better, but instead help them to be better. In being better, people can come into their own full expression of Life. This is uniquely different for each individual, and independent of whatever symptoms may be occurring at the time.

In order to stay at their best, therapists must also be constantly looking to add new techniques and skills to aid them in working with their patients. New and improved procedures, equipment and approaches are constantly being developed for two reasons. First, this society loves "New & Improved". It doesn't matter what it is, the assumption is that the newer version must somehow be better. Even though the original worked perfectly well and did exactly what it was supposed to do, if there is a new version, it will be given preference.

Second, the new techniques actually do work better, or possibly the old techniques no longer work as well. One reason for this may be environmental changes. We have seen, for instance, over the last decade or two that chiropractic adjustments do not 'hold' for as long as they once did. This is by no means the chiropractor's fault. It is simply that our environments have become increasingly more stressful.

While Alphabiotics has improved and developed over time, the basic concept and technique is the same. Rather than dealing with the symptoms and environmental factors that affect people in innumerable ways, go to the source. Arabs say, "Allah loves infinite diversity". This diversity comes both as symptoms and as 'cures'. Unlike therapists, Alphabioticists trust in this infinite power for healing. By simply helping people to clear a path for this connection, people may begin to benefit from a far greater Source of power and wisdom.

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