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Therapy is generally defined as the treatment of some disease or disorder. It is most often seen as a positive means to fix whatever is wrong with someone. Whether it is psychotherapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, or any of the myriad others that have been or will be created, therapies are a process to correct the problems that people have. People study and practice for many years to hone their knowledge and skills in an effort to be able to help others through specific challenges. Each area requires specific talents and capabilities to address the particular issue at hand.

From the patient's perspective, however, the process can be a bit daunting. First, one must acknowledge that one has a problem, and that this problem requires outside help. It is not something that one can fix by oneself. Next, the person must acknowledge the therapy as a means to correct this problem, and put faith in the procedure. All attention and effort must then be put forth to resolve the issue, and depending on the type of therapy, this may go on for some time.

While this positive growth and aid can be extremely beneficial, there is one caveat. Therapies focus on the problem, the lack, the failing. Let us not forget the individual in the process. With all attention on the problem, it can become larger than life. It can be misinterpreted as the definition of the person who has it. By giving it attention, energy and focus, the draw is toward the negative. Care should be taken to keep the individual as the priority. The situation should be looked on as a person who has a problem, not a problem that just happens to be attached to a person.

For clarification, Alphabiotics is not therapy for several reasons. First, because our focus is on cause correction and realignment with Source. Any specific problem whether it be speech, physical, occupational, psychiatric, etc, is seen as a symptom, and we do not address symptoms. Alphabiotics simply facilitates a reconnection of Self with Source, with the belief that the Wisdom that created the individual will heal the individual. To this end, neither do Alphabioticists assert the best way or methodology for this healing to occur. Each person is unique, and will heal based on their own unique 'blueprint'. 

Second, therapies are scientifically deterministic. They are based on the linear perspective of 'cause and effect' as it relates to the issue in question. Over time and with large enough test groups, conclusions were drawn regarding the efficacy of the process. Basically, the focus is on the means in the hopes of achieving a particular end. Alphabiotics is a different perspective. As a non-secular applied philosophy, it focuses on the end goal and allows that there may be a multitude of "paths up the mountain". By releasing ego, Alphabioticists respect that our limited knowledge is just that - limited. By including faith in a Greater Wisdom, we can tap into the Infinite as the Source for Whole-istic wellness. In this way the individual and their quality of life is the focus with an emphasis on self empowerment to integrate body, mind, and Spirit.

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